Recent Projects
 JMS completes a wide variety of projects during the course of a year.  Our current projects are described in high-level summary below.

JMS provides skilled expertise in advising gas utility and pipeline operators on regulatory matters, evaluating potential acquisitions, ensuring work is guided by process documents, and overseeing improvements in capital investments or M&O projects.
Due Diligence Investigations
Companies today planning the purchase of a pipeline asset need to know not only what they are buying, but also research the pipeline installation and operational records and determine if there are hidden regulatory issues. JMS has experience reviewing pipeline records to confirm the seller's representation of the asset, and perform independent assessment of the regulatory situation. It is much better to identify any issues prior to purchase so remediation can be negotiated.
Process Improvement
Confusion in any process leads to project errors and costly delays. As the existing process is documented, the participants automatically identify the pain points and desired improvements. Review of the process with an eye towards streamlining and reducing hand-offs is also beneficial.
Job Aides or process checklists are helpful to ensure implementation of the new process.
JMS is experienced in all aspects of process improvement and able to assist you.
Guidance Document Development or Update
Evolution of work processes to electronic format, high turnover in workers, and risk reduction for operational processes are necessitating both development and revision of guidance documents.
JMS is experienced in creation of standards, work procedures, and policy documents. We have performed this work both as a gas utility operator and as consultants, and will engage seamlessly with your standards work teams.

JMS Natural Gas Consulting LLC is a seasoned ownership team with vast technical expertise in gas engineering, regulatory issues, and utility executive leadership. We partner with your employees in every phase of the process from organization and planning to successful project completion. We make the effort to understand your unique conditions and assist your teams to develop effective solutions.

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