JMS provides a wide range of services for pipeline operators and utility clients.  Below are some of the services we are currently engaged in with clients.  Our specialty is tailoring our work to your specifications and bringing highly-skilled talent to assist in solution development.
Regulatory Compliance
JMS Natural Gas Consulting LLC is your partner for development, review, and revision of regulatory documents. Each partner brings over 30 years of gas utility and pipeline operator experience, and has developed regulatory compliance documents, prepared for audits, and responded to operational and regulatory inquiries.

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Facility Acquisition Due Diligence Review
Because of the recent added emphasis on proper pipeline records, it is more important than ever when acquiring pipeline assets from another operator to conduct a thorough investigation of pipeline facility components, pressure test and operational records. The acquisition plan must include orderly transfer of those necessary records. JMS has performed this work for several clients and can provide valuable insight into the potential purchase negotiations.

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Guidance Document Development or Updates
Gas Operator Qualification, Control Room Management regulations, workforce turnover, and incorporation of a common language for corporate documents are reasons a company's policies, standards, work procedures and guidelines may be outdated. Add the adoption of new tools and other changing regulations and it is likely there are many guidance documents in need of an update. JMS has engaged in this work with clients desiring a thorough update of existing documents or development of documents in a short time frame.

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Project Oversight
JMS provides a resource to natural gas operators functioning as the Owner's representative for contracted projects. Each partner brings over 30 years of pipeline and utility operator experience, and has overseen countless pipeline and station projects, including compression and gas quality installations.

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Pipeline Data Management & MAOP Validation
JMS Natural Gas Consulting LLC (JMS) is experienced in documenting pipeline facility MAOPs and recommending improvements to records & data management processes.

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Process Improvement
Documentation of existing processes reveals points of dissatisfaction with the existing 'way we do things' and opens up opportunities for improvement. Process improvement work starts with an "as-is" process flow chart and documentation of desired improvements. Engagement of your project team to create the improved process creates buy-in and excitement about the change. JMS will help you develop process metrics and create efficiencies that benefit your organization.

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JMS Natural Gas Consulting LLC is a seasoned ownership team with vast technical expertise in gas engineering, regulatory issues, and utility executive leadership. We partner with your employees in every phase of the process from organization and planning to successful project completion. We make the effort to understand your unique conditions and assist your teams to develop effective solutions.

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